8 February 2013

Yale Keyless Digital Lock Review

I am known for leaving my keys in the front door, it is not only embarrassing when people come round and find them there but unsafe too.

There was also a time when my son decided to shut the door behind me as I went to fetch the shopping from the car, fortunately he was able to pass me the house keys but if he hadn't of been able to reach them I would have had to get someone to bring the spare set around.

So, when I was offered the Keyless Digital Lock from Yale to review I jumped at the chance, it sounded perfect for me and would easily solve these issues.

My husband isn't that great at DIY so we got my father in law to install it for us, he used to do this sort of thing for a living so knew what he was doing. It only took him about 20 minutes to install and we were ready to go.


Inside door

Outside door

Inside once new lock fitted, we have chosen to leave the old lock.

Outside part of the new lock.

Keypad once lit up
If you aren't that good at DIY there is an installed option available when purchasing, however the instructions are thorough and it gives you all of the tools required on the box.

Once installed you have to set-up the codes required, this was probably the most difficult part, trying to choose a code that both of you will remember ;)

You can give temporary access to members of family with a code for them and you don't have to worry about forgetting your keys or popping for a run without them. There are several safety features including low battery warnings and even if your battery goes flat you have two battery contact points that fit a standard 9V battery, you can place the battery here and power the lock temporarily to enter your pin.

If you have older children who get home from school before you then they don't need keys and there is no risk of them losing them at school.

I really think this is a great idea and although we will still need to use the mortice lock the chance of me leaving this key in this lock is slim as it tends to fall out when I open the door.

There are several Yale door locks to choose from and on their website you can compare home security making it easy to choose the right security options for your home and family.

Do go and have a look at the options available, I cannot rate this enough and I just think that in the modern world this fits in well.

The only problem I forsee is should you have problems when you have been out for a drink you could be there a long time trying to enter your code. But as this doesn't apply to me so much any more I will be ok ;)

*We were sent the Yale Keyless Digital Door Lock for review, all words, opinions and photos are my own.


  1. It is a very good alternative for you and for those who usually forget their keys.

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  2. Worth noting that they are now interchangeable with different modules to allow for more types of control than just keypad.. even better than before!


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