19 March 2013

Am I A Charity Shop Addict?

Of late I have become a little bit addicted to going into charity shops, part of me is excited to go to work on a Thursday/Friday just to get a look round them on my own! How sad am I!!!

I am looking for stuff I like but that might be worth more than I am paying, not sure if this is the business woman in me.

I also enjoy the thrill of finding a dusty bit of unloved glass or ceramic and giving it a good clean and watching it gleam and return to it's former glory.

This week has seen me purchase this gorgeous little milk jug by Biltons 1912 Ltd, I love the colour and the handle is so art deco.

These gorgeous little dishes are so pretty, the two back ones are French the front one is probably an English sundae dish, I love the ting it makes when you tap it with your nail. The colours are divine and they were so cheap I just couldn't resist!

I found this original Tupperware bowl with lid in another shop, it was only 40p and I am sure it would have cost a lot more than this back in the day! I loved the colour and have been using it for eggs when I am baking.

And finally, I don't think these are original as they don't feel heavy enough but I think for my food pictures these Falcon(ish) trays were only 30p each so I just got for the usage value.

There aren't many times any more I don't go out to the shops and not come back with something, I could keep on posting pictures.

Pretty sure I have a problem, maybe I should start a Charity Shops Anonymous group?!?

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