18 March 2013

Goodbye Little Business

Sorry I have been so quiet this last week but I have taken the decision to close down my business, part of me is sad and part of me is relieved.

It has given me so much in the way of making friends, meeting Theo Paphitis, as well as getting me through a miscarriage by giving me something to keep my mind occupied.

But times are tough and since my daughter was born it just hasn't got the attention it deserves so sadly it must go.

I have a few other ideas and projects in the pipeline and for now I have to concentrate on finalising the stock and accounts.

A lovely friend said to me "Hold you head high, at least you tried which is more than many, many people do. You had the courage to start a business and in different economic circumstances I know you would be a huge success"

It is comments like this I have needed that have helped me to get on and do what needs to be done, I know in the end it will be OK. 

With that I thank you and if you do have a little one aged 0-2 years then I can definitely recommend a little shop called Baby Duck Shop, enter CLOSING at the checkout for 50% off ;)

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