6 March 2013

The One with the Lipstick

I recently read an article about a lady who at 35 decided to start wearing lipstick, I had been thinking about it for a while anyway and she seemed so happy with it I thought I am going to go into town and buy some.

With an evening out planned it seemed like the perfect opportunity, so off I went into Nottingham.

After a question on twitter mentioning MAC being good and no one in Boots seeming to care about me I headed into MAC, the lady I was served by was wonderful and instantly made me feel at ease.

I explained I hadn't worn lipstick in close to 17 years and had no idea what I wanted apart from something red and bright.

I tried on a few and then finally decided on MAC Red, it looked stunning and made me feel so different, I was probably too excited about a lipstick but I don't care.

So imagine my disappointment when I got home and sat at the bottom of the stairs to open it and try it on and it fell out of the case onto the carpet, pretty sure I heard my heart sink at the same time.

Never mind I thought, I was going in to town later for a show and could pop in and change before I went, so off me and my husband went, I explained what had happened and the lady got another one out and checked it for me.

At this point I was sure they had mixed them up and were going to hand me the wrong one but she assured me this was the right one and I put it back in my bag and off I went.

I had a few minutes to spare before the show started so I popped to the ladies and went to put it on, to my horror they had given me the original broken one back. To say my heart sank even lower was an understatement, I never even new it was possible to be so disappointed in a lipstick but this wasn't about the lipstick this was about an experience ruined by the incompetence of a sales person.

I am so gutted now I don't even know if I want to keep them and I certainly don't know if I can face going to see one of their team to have a make-up makeover session.

This was about a new me, a new experience and it was all ruined by a broken bloody and expensive lipstick. *Sigh*

Now someone slap me and tell me its just a bloody lipstick!

I can't go back into town today as I am taking my brother out to see my grandparents, so I am sending hubby into town instead....will be sure to let you know how it turns out this time!

Updated - My hubby managed to go back into the shop and speak to the lady who looked after me yesterday. She exchanged the lipstick and gave her apologies, an asset to the team :D

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