4 March 2013

Vintage Loveliness

This week I have been on a mission to make up for some Kilner Jars I stupidly left behind in a charity shop a few weeks back!

I have found a couple of gorgeous pieces in the charity shops, in fact some felt so cheap I had to give the lady more than she wanted!

First up were these gorgeous doilies, I needed some for a little table the speaker in the lounge is resting on and I found a few so I bought them all. With a few balls of wool the woman said give her 49p! I was gobsmacked and only had a £1 coin so gave her that and told her to keep the change.

Next and I almost didn't pick this up but considering how much they are new it was actually a bargain, this rather fabulous boxed Tala Icing Turntable was just £2.50. I adore the original box and that it is made in Great Britain.

And finally, I love Vero Moda stuff and have picked a couple of pieces up from this particular charity shop, they stay looking great. Another bargain at just £2.99.

I love all these things and am becoming quite the charity shop obsessive, hoping to find some bargains to adorn the house.

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Me and My Shadow


  1. Oh my word, that Tala turntable is fabulous! Just look at the packaging! I've got a vintage icing set, but it looks alarmingly like a piece of medical equipment!

  2. Great finds - love the turntable


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