8 April 2013

Spring Charity Shopping

With the sun out and the temperature warming there is nothing more satisfying than finding some goodies in the charity shop that pick up the light and sparkle.

So this week when I popped in to a charity shop near work you can imagine my utter glee when I saw these beauties, I had seen a set in another shop a few months before but they were £15 for a set of 6 and I just think that is a little too much.

This set isn't complete and some are well loved but I had to have them, and for 80p each set it doesn't matter they are still so pretty!

I found this gorgeous cheesecloth tablecloth for £2.25, my mum used to have one and I just love the colours. It will be perfect for the table outside in the summer and I don't think you could get this much fabric new for the price it's huge!

Next this gorgeous Pyrex platter was a snip at 75p, its really heavy and I love the print perfect for serving Christmas dinner on or mince pies me thinks.

I have been admiring my grans murano glass for some time now and when I saw this little fella I knew I had to get him. I am amazed I got him home in one piece as they are so fragile, in fact it's amazing he is still in piece considering his age.

I only bought one of these this week but when I saw him I knew he had to come home with us as a friend for the other, at just £2.99 I couldn't leave him in the shop and I just adore the slight differences, but thats hand painted for you.

And finally, this Pyrosil dish, it is missing it's lid but I love the simplicity of the blue on white and can't wait to cook in it, perfect oven to table wear and only £1.29.

I am really becoming a charity shop addict now but I love filling my home with pretty things that just want to be relived

I am linking up to Magpie Monday over on Me and My Shadow.

Me and My Shadow


  1. I LOVE those French cups and saucers, they are such gorgeous sorbet colours. I once had a full set of 6, boxed, but I got rid of them when we moved house one time. I still kick myself about it!

    1. Nooo, I suppose tastes change and the same with my parents getting rid of stuff in the 90s now those things are coming back in fashion and it makes me so sad. Although I seem to be buying it all ;)

  2. Ooh I love your little Murano Bambi! How cute! I agree with you on the filling your home with beautiful things - it's a great obsession I think :) x

    1. Thank you, it has become a bit of an obsession too! Am running out of space to put everything :)

  3. Thrifted treasures for the home - how could you go wrong! You found a very beautiful Pyrex tray!

    1. Thank you. I know and for 75p! Can you imagine how much this sort of thing would cost new.

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