13 May 2013

The Kite Runner Preview

I was recently invited to see the European premier of The Kite Runner, I have never read the book but had heard good things from a work colleague.

As we sat down into our seats we were greeted by haunting sounds of the tabla being played by a lone player on the stage.

We are taken through the troubled life of Amir growing up in Kabul in the 1970s and as he moves to America later on in life.

I really loved the way in which the play was structured with the characters playing their younger selves it meant there was no confusion who was who and also enabled the play to be as adult themed as it was.

The set itself was really well done with projections onto the floor helping to set the scene and the haunting sound affects that help to set the mood.

As I hadn't read the book before hand it allowed me to see the play for what it was, no preconceptions, it is a 14+ so there is some of the strong language and adult scenes but this only added to the enjoyment and wasn't distasteful.

I took my husband to this play and he thoroughly enjoyed it having not been to see anything at the theatre for many years.

I can highly recommend this whether you have read the book or not, it is a gripping production of a wonderful story.

This is currently playing at the Nottingham Playhouse until the 18th May.

Disclaimer: I was given two tickets for the screening of this performance, all words are my own. Images courtesy of The Nottingham Playhouse.

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