20 May 2013

Walking with Dinosaurs

It had been almost a year of waiting to see Walking with Dinosaurs at the Ice Arena, but eventually the day arrived last week!

So was it worth it? Yes, is all I can say.

Whether you have children who love dinosaurs or not this is a truly amazing experience and if you do have children who love them then it is even more magical.

My son hates really loud noises so he did spend most of the show with his fingers in his ears (whether it was where we were sat i'm not sure) but his face when the dinosaurs came out was a picture.

Also to be fair when the T-Rex roared I did jump out of my skin (think Tom and Jerry) this also accounts for the not so brilliant shots ;).

Here are some snapshots from the experience, if it is coming to a town near you I can highly recommend going.

Before it started...
Mr Diplidocus
Pretty flowers
Mama T-Rex doing her thing...
Big momma and little baby t-rex
The end of it all

There were quite a few smaller children there but it was loud so if your children hate very loud noises and are scared easily then you my wish to take ear defenders.

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