11 July 2013

Why bother!

As I put the recycling out this morning, I remembered the bins the other day at a local country park we went for a picnic at for my husbands birthday.

With a recycling area and compostable toilets it was wonderful natural area with lots of flowers and birds.

However as we went to go home I noticed the bin, the one located right net to the recycling bins, cans and plastic bottles filled it to the brim and yet right next to it were the recycling bins?

This made little to no sense and the caring side of me almost wanted to sift through other peoples crap to put these things in the right place.

Are people really that ignorant/lazy/stupid that they couldn't take the two seconds to lift the lid up of the appropriate bin and place their items in it?

It really angered me that people could be so flipping selfish, we put ours in the recycling point and then took the glass home as there was no section for glass. It wasn't full and if anything a darn sight easier than trying to precariously place the things in the proper bin.

Rant over, but if you are somewhere that offers recycling please use it. It's there for a reason and every little helps!

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