8 July 2013

Cutting My Hair Off for Cancer Research

On the 7th September I am going to have my hair cut off to raise money for Cancer Research with my hair being donated to The Little Princess Trust.

So why? In the last year alone six people we know have died from cancer, some very suddenly some after a long fight.

My cousin is still suffering with the after effects of his cancer and there are still so many people we know fighting every day.

This decision has been a tough one, I have never had my hair shorter than a bob before so it is a big step. But I wanted to make a statement in my stand against cancer, not just for those we have lost, but those that are still fighting and in the hope we may one day find a cure.

During the next two months, I intend to raise as much awareness as I can of the different cancers that have affected those lives and how silent they can be.

So in the mean time I will be posting pictures of my hair, hopefully it will be the required length by the 7th September. 

I am off to see Andrew at Sutherland and Barnett tomorrow to discuss what we need to think about, how we are going to cut it etc tomorrow so will hopefully have a better idea of whether we can still do it on the 7th September tomorrow.

If you have a moment and a few pounds to spare I would be so grateful if you could pop on over to my Just Giving page, you can see a picture of me looking daft and read my story and who I am doing it for.


  1. A great cause and a wonderful thing to do my dear x

    1. Thank you ever so much Annie, means a lot coming from you xx


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