23 June 2013

Sherwood Art Week

Yesterday we popped into our local town for the annual art week.

There was a craft fair on with some lovely local artists including Modflower who's gorgeous array of jewellery really stood out.

After a quick dance and drink we headed into Sherwood itself which had been yarn bombed.

Pretty much everything that could be decorated had been and I only wish it could stay like that, it really brightened up wome of the dullest parts of the town.

Gorgeous knitted flowers and cobwebs

Even the trees got wrapped up

Columns at an old bank being made to look pretty with mosaics

Loved these flowers on the railings
Evem the bus shelter got a make over

Looking comfy
Lots of local shops took part, displaying local artists

Gorgeous flowers

I love that knitting is coming back into fashion

Ugly bike stands made to look pretty

My sons school decorated this tree

Really love how it brightened things up even on a dull June day.

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