21 September 2013

Shopping Local to Make Great Food

I have been on a mission of late to shop local, so last weekend I met my grandparents for a coffee and visited a local greengrocers in the process.

The Fruit Bowl on Mapperley Top in Nottingham offers a huge range of fruit and veg, most of which is local or UK grown with the add addition from abroad that we simply don't have the climate to grown them.

My gorgeous selection of food consisted of, beetroot (for beetroot brownies), tomatoes, plums, cress apples, pears, onions, all from UK and then sweet potatoes (for soup) and peaches from abroad.

How fabulous to be able to buy so much English produce and the taste is so much better.

Since this week has been rather rubbish weather wise I made some simple sweet potato soup, just onion, sweet potato, stock, salt and pepper and some milk. Perfect for an autumnal day.

Do you use your local greengrocers? If not then why not give them a try next time you need some fruit and veg.

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