30 October 2013

I Miss My Coffee Table

I miss my coffee table! Why? Well, it started about 5 years when my son was starting to pull himself up on the furniture and crawl around.

All the breakables in the house were moved out of reach, the TV was attached to the wall, nick-nacks moved to the mantel piece and the coffee table was relegated to the corner of the room, no longer a place to keep hot drinks and remote controls, with the addition of a small chair, it became a desk/lunch table for our son.

But now with my both my son and daughter being old enough it would be good to reclaim some space, somewhere to put our drinks of an evening, somewhere to be home to the remote controls and some of the wonderful vintage books I have.

There are so many styles and types of coffee table to choose from, I particularly like this scandi-style coffee table, the shelf offers a great place to store magazines and the lines are beautiful and contemporary.

I also really like this glass top table, I am always aware of drinks being put down on tables and marking them, this would get away from this as well as not worrying when the children lean on it to draw. Again plenty of storage underneath, although we would need to keep it clear with it being glass.

And it is with that I also wonder are we the only ones who haven't got a coffee table anymore? Is this something a lot of parents give up when children arrive?

NB This is a sponsored post, however all words and thoughts are my own.

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