29 October 2013

The Magic of Life Butterfly House in Aberystwyth

Whilst in Wales we visited several places, but one place that has stayed in our hearts was The Magic Of Life Butterfly House.

We were lucky enough to arrive just after some art students who were being shown some of the fabulous bugs that resided in the reception area.

This amazing millipede, started out all curled up and unfurled to show his many, many little legs, my son was in complete awe.

Giant Millepede
Next we got to see this fabulous Goliath beetle, it is fair to say had this taken off I would have been out of there like a shot. According to Neil the owner of The Magic of Life it flies and sounds somewhat like a drunk motorcycle.

Goliath Beetle
You can't really tell how beautiful this is but the horse head grasshopper, really wonderful creature and well worth a google to see what the face actually looks like.

Horse Head Grasshopper
The many butterflies that flew around really wowed us, we got to see the caterpillars, pupa and then the butterflies they transform into, it was amazing to learn that after about 3 months of growing into a beautiful butterfly they only live for a few weeks.

This owl butterfly seemed to become attached to my husband and spent a good half an hour clinging to his hand.

Owl Butterfly
Finally as we walked out we got to see these beautiful little, well actually huge silk moth caterpillars.

Reading some of the reviews on Trip Advisor you may be put off, a few people mention how 'expensive' it is. However, I think this is subjective, we spent about an hour and half in there and my son got to do some brilliant drawings using pencils and paper the very kind students lent him as well as talking to Neil the owner who was knowledgeable and took the time to listen to him.

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