1 December 2013

Home Made Advent Calendar

Last year we had one of the fabulous Playmobil Advent Calendars and although the box was still useable it wouldn't have been a great idea as the doors would have been open.

So I decided to make one at home to put the pieces from last years in, I got my daughter involved and together we produced an effective and pretty advent calendar.

All you need is some brown envelopes, stickers, some little pegs a few lengths of string and a silver/gold pen.

It's all very simple really, place a sticker on the envelope and then right your number underneath, 1 through to 24 should do it ;)

Once you have done them all, fill with your desired contents as I mentioned ours is Playmobil but it could be sweets or other treats. How about a wooden village, if you can't find a small one then just go for bigger envelopes.

Then string up your thread, I chose this pretty green one as it is festive, then attach your envelopes using the little pegs.

Once you have done that it should look a little something like this.

Hope you like this idea, it's very simple and you can get the kids to help you do the stickers and then put your own contents in.

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