7 December 2013

My Perfect Christmas Day

I love Christmas, but I think really we are still finding our Christmas Traditions here in The Mummy Diary House.

After coming down stairs and checking Santa has been (and Rudolph and Santa have eaten their carrot and mince pie) we start by opening a few presents, we normally stop for a break to have some brekkie.

The Mince Pie and Carrot for Santa and Rudolph (with milk i'm sorry Santa)
Christmas breakfast is always about hot chocolate and panettone, getting to unwrap the panettone is almost as exciting as the presents themselves and it has been a long standing tradition I get some hot chocolate from hubby so that is always made to go with breakfast.

Then we finish the presents and get ready for the day, last year we went round to our neighbour who lives on her own. We shared some fizz, it was nice to be able to keep her company before she headed off to friends, plus she loves the sound of children in the house so I am happy to help ;)

Then a lovely Christmas dinner ( i'm very modest don't you know) followed by Christmas films and more playing with toys.

My now famous Christmas trifle!
Usually this takes us to bed time for the children and an end to the day feeling rather full and like you'd never eat again!

This year we've been told to expect a remote control car for my son, I hope it's dry enough that my husband and son can go and play on the street, the same as we did when we were kids. (I remember a street full of children on new bikes or skates). Note to self, remember batteries!

This is a day where we get to just do nothing and be together, I won't be getting the vacuum out and the cleaning can wait. And for that I am grateful, we are all well and warm and hopefully happy. This is my perfect day, I hope that everyone get's their perfect day too.

”Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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