19 August 2014

Cafe Kidz Review

If you're a parent then you've probably been in this situation on at least one occasion, sat in a cafe or restaurant with a young child and then suddenly realising you've forgotten to bring something to entertain them.

Well, Cafe Kidz is a great idea for cafes and restaurants to help with this situation, these small packs provide instant entertainment for children age 3 and above and if I was in this situation somewhere and these were available to buy, I would.

Each set contains pencil crayons, a colouring pad, stickers, a key ring and much more, they are a great way to keep younger children entertained.

On opening the packet, the children went through and found the bits they wanted to do first, it kept them occupied whilst my husband and I chose what we wanted for dinner and also whilst we waited for dinner to be served.

The packs entertained them so much, it was difficult to get them to put it all away once dinner arrived.

My daughter loved the fairy set but was equally excited by the monster and robot set that is also available.

Both found it easy to get on with the activities in the pack without much prompting from us.

I can see Cafe Kidz packs sitting well in cafe's and restaurants around the country, unfortunately we weren't out for the evening in which case it would have come into it's own I think, allowing entertainment for a longer dinner.

The packs would also be great for weddings, everyone knows how frustrating it can be for both children and adults during speeches and long dinners so these packs offer a fuss free and compact way to keep children entertained.

With an RRP of £2.50-£3.00 I think the Cafe Kidz packs are well worth the money, if I was sat in a restaurant with restless children I would be prepared to add this to the bill. With so much to do and with a little something they can keep I think it is a great set.

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