18 August 2014

Pretty Peeling Paint and Beautiful Buildings

France is full of beautiful buildings and one thing that makes them stand out is their gorgeously coloured shutters, bricks and shapes.

I adore snapping the beauty of the towns and the simple things such as roof tops and shutters!

Someone tell me I am not the only one to be found snapping such simple every day objects!


  1. Beautiful, and we're all trying to recreate it here : )

    1. I know, worse thing is my fascias look terrible as they are all peeling but I don't look at it in the same beauty. Maybe need to paint them a lovely bright colour ;)

  2. Love this! No you're not the only one haha i love taking photos of this kind of thing.. Great blog too!

  3. Nope - me too ... and living in France I am so lucky with so many opportunities to snap peeling paint, gorgeous shutters and other such lovely things!


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