19 October 2014

Black & White Photo Project Wk 15

I love this alpine in black and white, so pretty with the dark of the soil.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, the soil works really well in black and white doesn't it!

  2. it does look great in black and white.. did you plant it yourself?
    I wanna learn how to grow catnip, to give my cat a little something to hang around. :>

    1. Yes, I had an old pot that needed filling and the alpine was about 2.99 from the local garden centre. Ooh catnip, I have no idea what that even looks like!.

  3. Looks great and lots of potential for free plants there as I suspect each rosette could be replanted and would continue to grow as big :)

  4. That is really effective in black and white, striking c

  5. Fabulous seeing a succulent in black and white, absolutely love it! Thanks so much for sharing and joining in. Sorry for being so elusive recently, commuting to London is playing havoc! #bwphotoproject


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