18 November 2014

Be Safe, Be Seen - Keep Children Safe on Our Roads

I have written before about how important road safety is to me, in fact as the evenings get darker it is imperative that we not only teach our children how to be careful on the roads, but to help make them safer too.

As the roads across the country have got busier and there are drivers distracted talking on phones or using gadgets. There seem to be less focus on road safety than there was when we had David Prowse teaching us the green cross code as Green Cross Code man.

But not all is lost, over the past 5 years Co-operative Funeralcare have given out over 160,000 yellow high visibility reflective pin-badges badges to 1,500 schools and youth groups. They also deliver school assemblies or lessons about road safety prepared by road safety charity Brake for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years.

This brilliant campaign drives home the importance of being safe on the roads, making sure children understand that road safety is a vital part of their daily lives, both now and in the future. I always try to set a good example when out and about, making sure to never cross on the red man.

To order some badges for your child's school or youth group then contact your local Co-operative Funeralcare branch.

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