1 November 2014

Style a Shed Challenge

I saw this Style a Shed challenge over on Love Chic Living and knew straight away I wanted to enter it. I don't currently have a separate office or nice space to take photos in and this has given me an opportunity to fantasise about my dream space.

Teaming up with Tiger Sheds, this challenge wants bloggers to put together their ideal space, mine would be somewhere to go and write my blog, somewhere with the quiet of the garden, space to chill and put together pretty things to photograph. Tiger sheds offer a beautiful range of cabins and I think one would fit perfectly amongst the trees in my garden.

First of all, I would paint the whole interior white, making the perfect backdrop for taking pictures, then I would fill it with brightly coloured furniture and accessories.

Here are just a few of the pretties I would include in my shed...

Rug from John Lewis - I love the shapes and colours
Pom Poms from Bodie & Fou - I have a few of these already and they look so fabulous.
Blind from Bodie & Fou - How beautiful and bright this is I just adore it.
Pouffe from - I love the chunky knit of this.
Vases from - I adore the colours and shapes of these, great for flowers or pencils.
Word banner from Baker & Maker - I have these in black, but I adore the brightness of these.

Over on my Pinterest page is everything I would put in my shed, including a sleek and beautiful desk and stool to work at, chunky throws to snuggle under and the perfect chair to curl up in to read and think in.

Of course, I would have to include plenty of Washi tape to stick up pictures and photos and some pretty note books to jot down ideas. In fact, the more I think about these things, the more I would love to have a space like this...

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