16 February 2015

Making Time

A few weeks ago I was having lunch with some fabulous bloggers, one of those was the lovely Becky from Baby Budgeting and A Beautiful Space.

We were talking about my daughter starting school in September and how I am trying to make the most of the time I have left with her before she is there full time. She told me a wonderful story about her and her daughter before she started school and how they made a bracelet together, it made me more determined to make the most of my time with my little girl.

So, after we had dropped my son off at school, we went to the park. We spent an hour or so playing hide and seek, then we sat on a bench and talked about how we'd miss each other come September.

Then we went to play on the park, spotted some snowdrops and looked at the ducks. It was a wonderful way to spend some time, afterwards we went home to warm up and have a hot chocolate.

I missed my son when he went to school but I had my daughter to fill my time and the gap he left, I'm not sure how I will feel come September but I know that half terms, inset days and weekends will become even more precious.


  1. Oh yes, I'm in exactly the same spot as you-my son starts in September and I want to enjoy these precious months before then. When my daughter started my son was just a baby. I agree with you completely-and school holidays will be even more precious than they are now x

    1. I know, it's hard especially as this is my last baby and I won't get this time again.Thanks for stopping by x

  2. It looks like you had a great time spending the day with your daughter. It's great that you've realised early on so you can get some fab things done in the months leading up to it. You'll dream of holidays, weekends and inset days when she first starts. Popping over from Magic Moments.

  3. What a gorgeous post. It's bittersweet when they start school isn't it. Sounds like you had a lovely trip to the park :-) #magicmoments

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely time at the park and hope you manage to enjoy as much time with her as possible before she starts school.


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