7 April 2015

Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid Review

Summer is the perfect time for some bubble fun, young or old, bubbles are most entertaining. 

Nothing keeps a child mesmerised more than colourful rainbow bubbles bouncing along on a summer breeze. So, mixing two classics, like bubble mixture and Barbie gives you a winning combination.

The Barbie Bubble-tastic  Mermaid is an easy to use and fun bubble making Barbie doll, great for the outdoors and the bath.

It comes with everything you need to get started including some bubble mixture, I think it could do with a bit more bubble mixture in the pack, as it doesn’t go that far but we always have loads from party bags lying round the house so it’s not a major problem.

The doll itself has a pull string at the back which makes the tail spin around with the bubble mixture on it, making bubbles as you go.

My daughter found this relative easy to master although did struggle a little at first, my only gripe is that a lot of the bubble mixture gets splatted about rather than creating bubbles, meaning you get covered in the stuff. Getting messy is completely me being an adult though, my daughter couldn't care less.  

My daughter was instantly in awe of the Barbie Bubble-tastic Mermaid and has been playing with her, both outside and in the bath, in my opinion the perfect places for her as it can be as messy as you like.

With the sun shining now, it is the perfect time to get out and fly with Barbie and the bubbles. The RRP for the doll is £20.99, with other Barbie dolls costing anywhere between £10-£25 I think this is about the right price. To bring hours of fun and to make bath time exciting this would be a great gift for any Barbie loving child.

NB: We were sent the doll for the purpose of this review, all words, opinions and pictures are my own.

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