9 April 2015

Easter Egg Hunt at Rufford Abbey

We decided in January we wanted to buy a new house, it was a kind of quick decision but several factors played a part and it has totally been the right one so far.

But I will talk more about this another day, this is a post about a day out for Easter after a hectic few weeks in which the children have been a little bit neglected, as has the family as a whole to be honest.

We headed up to Rufford Abbey, a little overcast but nice none the less.

For a pound you got an egg spotting sheet and had to walk around the gardens to spot them, perfect for the kids as they love the gardens there.

Off to spot some eggs, look high into the trees guys...

We have been up to Rufford many times before, it continues to be a great place to visit with so much to explore and enjoy with the changing seasons.

Once we had found all but to missing eggs (hiding at the Information Centre) we claimed our prize, a yummy chocolate bunny, which didn't last long.

Our usual trip to watch the cars drive through the ford and an ice cream finished off the trip.

What did you get up to this easter?

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