4 May 2015

Konfidence Swim Jacket Review

A while back, we were sent some Konfidence swim jackets to review. With the house move and birthdays though, we haven't had chance to get to the pool until last week, when I took the children to try out their new jackets.

Now firstly, I have to admit we have been very laid back when it comes to teaching the children to swim, partly because we have always had other things to do and partly because I always wanted my children to learn to swim in the same way I did, with their classmates.

However, I have always felt guilty and with swimming lessons on the horizon for my son, I felt it time to really get him into the pool.

The Konfidence jackets themselves are made from a soft neoprene and have eight floats inside which can be taken out as your child becomes more confident, the children both loved how they looked as did I.

So, we put them on and they fit snug and comfortably and the children were both eager to get into the water. My daughter loves her pink jacket, it's a great way to get them into the water with a colour they love.

My son loved the red, a few years a go he would have chosen the Octonaut's pattern but this was perfect for him.

Now, when we first got into the water both children were a little bit apprehensive, my daughter so much so she was hanging on to me for dear life. My son after a little coaxing and me showing him how the suit made him more buoyant he was swimming (in his own special way) around the pool.

My daughter took a little more coaxing as she wouldn't let go of me for me to show her how the suit helped her float, but we got there eventually and by the end of our session she was jumping in from the side and didn't want to get out, a transformation from when we first started.

The Konfidence jacket certainly lived up to it's name and gave two children who have always been afraid of the water the confidence to get in and splash about without any fear.

We can't wait for our swimming journey to continue with our Konfidence jackets.

NB: We were sent the jackets to a review, all opinions are our own.

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