8 June 2015

Bank Holiday Fun with Punch & Judy

On May bank holiday, we went to one of our new local village pubs for a spot of bank holiday fun, balloon models, bouncy castles and a classic Punch & Judy show.

Most of us have seen this fabulous, if not a little un-PC show, with brightly coloured characters and audience interaction, it has something for all the family.

I can't remember the last time I saw the show but it still had me gripped and I felt unbelievably old when I was the only one in the crowd who shouted back 'Oh Yes You Did"!

With plenty of slapstick fun, from a policemen, crocodile, clown, chef and ghost it it wasn't hard to see why this show still makes children laugh

My two both really enjoyed it and with my daft mummy ways I have been reenacting the voices, they fall over with laughter and it just proves it is a format that entertains even this generation, with their TV shows and video games.


  1. Looks like a fun bank holiday for all! It's lovely to be able to enjoy some things from our childhood with our children as well, isn't it? Thank you for sharing and for hosting this week's #magicmoments!

  2. Looks like fun - although I always found punch and judy a bit brutal #MagicMoments

  3. I love a good punch and Judy show and a great way to enjoy some outdoor fun

  4. I think our oldest has seen a punch and judy show, but the others haven't. It's certainly not PC, but such a throw back to our childhoods, nice to be able to share those memories x


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