8 June 2015

Beat Travellers Tummy This Summer

I'm a little OCD when it comes to keeping hands clean, mainly because I worry about germs and tummy bugs.

With a holiday fast approaching you start to think about first aid kits and what to take in one. Stomach bugs from different food and water are a big worry for many people when travelling abroad, after all no one wants to spend their holiday with a sickness bug in tow.

So enter Enterosgel, a non-allergenic, intestinal adsorbent, developed for the simple and effective removal of viruses, toxins, allergens and pathogens from the intestinal tract. Created from organic methylsilisic acid and water, Enterosgel has a porous structure which selectively adsorbs medium weight molecules as it passes through the gut and removes them within 12 hours. 

These include substances such as histamines (allergens), pathogens (harmful bacteria and viruses) and other toxins. Conversely, Enterosgel is hydrophobic (repels water) and so does not remove water (hydration) which is of crucial importance during episodes of diarrhoea.  Likewise the structure of Entersogel does not tolerate the removal of vital vitamins and minerals.

Enterosgel is not absorbed into the body at any point and is completely excreted. It is non-allergenic and is classed and approved as a medical device and safe for for babies 0+, children, adults, breastfeeding mothers, elderly people and the chronically ill.

It sounds perfect and although we fortunately haven't had to try this yet, I will be packing this as part of our first aid kit for our holiday.

The box states it also relieves symptoms of indigestion, IBS and it accelerates the elimination of alcohol from the body, we have a couple of weddings this year so I might pack this in our suitcase too.

Enterosgel is available at all Lloyds Pharmacies, price £12.80

NB: I was given a bottle of Enterosgel for the purpose of this post.

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