23 July 2015

French Flash Sticks Review

My son has been learning French at school and as we are due to go on our annual holiday to France next month, it seemed a great opportunity to try out some Flash Sticks, these are sticky notes, like Post-it Notes with French words on them.

Below the words it has the pronunciation of the French word, as well as the word in English and a picture of the word for younger readers.

The stickers come on a card which also has the words on the back, we made it a fun game to go round the house and stick the stickers everywhere whilst going through the words.

For the verbs and others words that didn't have a home, we put them on the fridge or window, so things like world we put on the window to the garden.

Both of the children can already count up to ten in french but it is good to have the numbers there as a reminder to practice.

There is also a really handy app, great for the kids to use, all they need to do is open the app, scan the post-its and a video of the word being spoken is then played, so they can hear how it is supposed to sound. It is also handy for myself and my husband who often get it wrong.

Overall we have found these really useful so far, we are always trying to teach our children about everyday objects, things we find at the supermarket or animals and things around us when we are out and these are a great addition to the home to allow us to keep the momentum up. I certainly don't think it will be long before we are on to the next set.

The sets are £4.99 each and are available in Spanish, Italian, German and BSL too.

NB: We were sent the Flash Sticks to review, all opinions are mine.

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