16 July 2015

Helly Hansen Activewear Review

Recently, I have been on a mission to exercise more, in a bid to try and help my ongoing health issues, we aren't talking marathons but I have been walking and jogging regularly in order to build up to something more.

A few months back, Helly Hansen kindly sent me some of their collection to try out, I am absolutely in love with the items they sent, the clothes are stylish and the trainers are as light as a feather.

First up are the W Wicked Pace R2 trainers, I love the pink and black combo it looks really great on and I kinda want to wear them all the time. They really are so light to pick up so wearing them is like you have nothing on your feet, my feet don't sweat in them either and so far I haven't got any blisters from them.

Next the leggings, the W VTR Printed Capri leggings in Night Blue are really quite something, they come in a pattern to suit all tastes but I chose the Night Blue, not normally a leggings person I was worried these would irritate me and be more of a nuisance than comfortable sports wear but they weren't.

Once on, I couldn't even tell I was wearing them, they are comfy and lightweight and great for cooler evenings as they keep you really warm. Being tall I always worry they'll come up short but these were the perfect fit.

And finally the W Aspire Lifa Flow Singlet vest, I am quite broad shouldered so I probably should have sized up on the top as it is quite snug and for me I feel quite constricted, however it is lightweight and didn't make me feel sweaty at all. I love the colour way and the look of the vest it is perfect for what I needed.

I love these clothes and trainers, perfect whether you are out running in the countryside or working out in the gym, this colour way is absolutely fabulous and I love attention to detail with the little hearts around the bottom of the leggings and contrasting colours on the waist band.

I look forward to wearing these as my running progresses, we are off on a bike ride on Saturday and I will be wearing these. Hopefully they'll allow me to cycle without getting in the way as well as keeping my legs covered.

Thank you to my husband who came out with me on a recent trip to take some pictures and to the children who waited so patiently.

NB: I was sent these items to form the review, all opinions and words are my own.

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