15 July 2015

Summer Exploring at Newstead Abbey

Sometimes we become too technology focussed, so for the next few weeks I have days out planned where we can get back to exploring and being silly!

This weekend, we took a picnic and headed in the rain to Newstead Abbey, when we got there it was spitting so we sat on the back of the car and ate our picnic, before donning our wellies, or jellies in my case and heading out down the lane to the abbey.

First of all we do as we always do and headed to the waterfall, you can walk behind it and the children always love to watch the water as it pours down over their heads. Then we headed down to the front of the abbey where there was a band playing, the kids really enjoyed watching and listening to them.

Then we went to explore, whilst we were playing tag we found a little baby froggy, the children both took it in turns to let the frog jump across their hands. It was really lovely to watch them both as they giggled and watched the frog jump.

We've been to Newstead Abbey many times, in the winter, spring and on a typically English day with rain and sunshine in equal quantities, it always looks so different with so many flowers and trees changing shape over the year. 

Over in the rose garden there are plenty of pretty flowers and corners to explore, my children always love peering down into the well.

After a minor incident with my daughter and the floor, we headed back to the car, the sun was shining and the house and lake looked beautiful against the sunlit sky.

Newstead Abbey is a really lovely place to visit, whether it is to explore the Japanese garden or tour the house, to have a picnic or eat in the cafe it is the perfect place to visit in the summer holidays.

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