19 August 2015

A Visit to Abbaye De Jumièges

Normandie is a beautiful area of France that is steeped in history. This year we got to visit another little piece of it, we had been staying in a gorgeous little gite on the river Seine for the week and found this beautiful abbey on the way back from our trip to a lake one day.

Originally built in 651 the Abbaye De Jumièges is one of the oldest buildings we've ever been to, it was later added to by William the Conquerer, it has so much history as well as plenty of beautiful architecture.

The lines of the Abbey ruins make for beautiful pictures and I adored walking round them, absorbing the history, looking at the beautiful stonework and finding some fabulous original paint work too.

It always amazes me that these places exist but also saddens me that they are no longer standing in all their former glory, how wonderful would it have been to see these buildings as they originally stood.

The day started off with sunshine but quickly turned to summer showers, rain pouring down yet still really hot! Both the children loved running around the ruins in their raincoats, it was the perfect childhood moment made better by the beautiful surroundings.

There are so many wonderful places to explore in France whether you love history, food, wine or farming and this is just one of them we've visited.

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  1. Oh, it looks so beautiful! Your photos are lovely and I bet it was lovely to watch the children run around in the warm rain :)


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