18 August 2015

French Inspired Bedroom

We inherited our current bed base after my husband had a back operation 8 years ago, we've since bought a new mattress from John Lewis to help with my bad neck and added to it a mismatched head board we found in the Pier furniture store when it closed down. The base is discoloured, torn and really not attractive, it is just something we haven't got round to replacing yet, as the children outgrowing their beds and needing new ones was higher on the list of priorities.

Since we moved house, our bed just doesn't look right, the smooth walls and fresh carpets just aren't being done justice by it. After spending a week in France, I felt inspired to seek out some beautiful French bedroom furniture and linen.

I adore this French inspired bed from Loaf and the linen sheets are to die for, I imagine crumpled linen Sunday mornings snuggled up in them. We don't have anything on the walls in our bedroom, and I love these picture frames, perfect for holding memories of special days. Throws and baskets add texture and I love the Thelma & Louise dressing table and stool, perfect for sitting at to do my makeup and hair.

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