28 November 2015

Lazy Days and Rainy Play

Getting out and about in winter is important, with short days and not much light, there is nothing better that a bit of sunshine to boost your Vitamin D and most of all, you don't need to let rain stop play. On what started off as a slightly dull morning, we headed to Rufford Abbey, a regular haunt for us and a great place especially at this time of year.

It was cold but we wrapped up in several layers and headed out for a picnic, some puddle splashing and a hot chocolate, with a spot of bird watching and leaf throwing too. A highlight of every trip to Rufford is stopping to watch the cars splash through the ford. 

We were sent some waterproof clothes and wellies from Helly Hansen a few months back and they are the perfect addition to rainy day play, allowing us to get out and about no matter what the weather and learning to enjoy being outdoors, come rain or shine. Splashing, getting mucky and no more excuses as to why we can't because daddy doesn't want mud in his car!

My daughter absolutely loved being able to splash about in the puddles, with not a care in the world, her little hands as well as her outfit covered in mud.

The great thing about having the freedom to get dirty is that it means you can go anywhere, explore anywhere and be anything you want to be. You can be a puddle jumper, leaf kicker or tunnel crawler. You could even just take a leisurely stroll in the rain.

What I love about Helly wear is that it is all super light, you don't feel restricted and that makes it easier to do all of the things that make getting out and about fun. The jackets have been perfect in the summer rain and now make great outerwear for the colder wetter weather.

Getting out and about last weekend was great fun, we enjoyed some family time and lots of fresh air. We got to see the final flutters of summer as the last of the leaves on the trees fell to the ground and autumn well and truly settled in, with the lake slightly frozen over and the cold chilling any exposed skin, it was clear that winter is on its way.

With everyone kitted out in waterproofs, the splashing and rainy day play can continue and we look forward to more adventures where we can just go where we want to go and not worry about how muddy we get.

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  1. We really need protective wear, these look great, always the best feeling jumping in puddles xx


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