6 December 2015

Bringing Birds into Your Garden

Even though we used to live in the city boundaries, our garden had lots of trees and was always teaming with wildlife, from foxes to squirrels and many different birds. However, since we moved and only have a hedge behind us before fields, the amount of wildlife we see in our garden has dropped dramatically. For me and the children, this is somewhat of a loss. I had seen a few birds moving about in the hedge but with a few cats next door, they seemed reluctant to come down onto the garden to eat some mealworms we had put out for them.

So when we were at the local garden centre and spotted some suet blocks, we decided to get some to put on the fencing at the back of the garden. The idea came from when we visited Center Parcs last year and one of their wildlife experts gave us some to put on the window of our lodge. It was an instant hit with the birds who would fly up to the corner of the window and eat the suet. The children and the adults loved to watch the birds and it was a great feeling to be able to feed these wonderful little creatures.

So why I am telling you this, well this simple and relatively cheap food is a great way to bring wildlife into the garden and so easy to get your children involved in, all you need is a suet block, available from most garden centres and some supermarkets, you can even make your own if you fancy. You can even put out a few mealworms for them, these little fellas are super nutritious for our little garden friends, full of protein and a sure fire way of getting some visitors.

You’ll need to find somewhere that the birds will visit, our fence backs onto the hedge and the birds also have a good vantage point to spot cats so they are happy to visit here. We stuck some of the suet blocks onto the top of the fence and then on the ground below on our side of the fence we poured some meal worms, the black birds really love the meal worms and although I can't stand to look at them they are the perfect source of protein for the birds.

You don't need a lot of be able get these little feathered friends into your garden, with just a few simple ingredients some time and a little love you too can bring some wildlife close to your home, as well as helping to protect our beautiful birds.

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