13 December 2015

A Barbie Christmas Wish List

We have been lucky enough to review some wonderful Barbies this year, from a mermaid to a superhero and a rockstar to a ballerina, there have been many to keep us occupied, and so that you can see them all in one place, here is our Christmas Barbie wish list.

We loved dressing up as superheros earlier this year, we had a party to celebrate the release of this wonderful and thought inspiring doll. My daughter has loved dressing up and believing in herself since the day we had our party, dressing up as superhero Barbie for Children in Need, it has inspired her to believe she can be anything and it proves that just because she loves pink doesn't mean she can't be super.

For the mermaid in you, why not chose the Bubble-tastic Mermaid Barbie, this doll is great for in the bath or outside in summer. Whichever you choose, you can be sure of some bubble fun, She does come out when play with the other barbies so she isn't just a one trick pony.

For those that love to sing and be a rock star then how about the Rock n Royal selection, this superstar Barbie is great for those who love to rock out, whether to be a princess or a rockstar this doll has it all, with a super spinning dress and catchy song we've had hours of fun with this one, especially my daughter dancing and twirling to the tune.

And finally, we've had the pleasure of getting to know Ballerina Barbie and Saddle N Ride Barbie, two wonderful dolls that are great for anyone who loves ballet or horse riding.  With these you can imitate your favourite hobby and enjoy it with the doll that has been so loved for decades.

There is a doll for every occasion with Barbie and whilst not everyone agrees with the level of pink that Barbie comes with, it really is just another colour. This is about playing at being something and everything whilst you are young.

My daughter aspires to be a doctor when she is older but she loves pink and princesses and right now thats ok, there is only a short window of time where you can be literally anything you want. I spent many nights wanting to wake up to find princess dresses in my wardrobe, heck if that happened now I'd be a happy bunny. But I have gone on to work in male dominated IT environments and it hasn't stopped me from owning a business and being a strong woman.

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