4 January 2016

The Entertainer App London Review

For the last few years, we have headed down to London on New Years Day to visit the many wonderful museums that it has to offer. We decided this time to stay overnight to make the most of our day whilst also getting to see some of the many Christmas lights and decorations at night.

On day two, we used a new app called The Entertainer, this app has been around in few countries for a while now and has now launched in London, it allows you to get access to great offers throughout the capital. It is free to download the app and there are some offers included, although to unlock the best offers, you have to pay a yearly subscription of £40. This sounds like a lot but considering we saved £32.65 on the our one day out alone it could be rather useful app for someone who lives in London or who visits the capital a lot.

Available to use in restaurants, attractions, shops as well as at beauty and fitness venues around the city (and some further afield) it is a great way to save money as well as find new places to see and visit.

We chose the Tower of London as our first stop (more on our visit soon), you can search by location or scroll through to see what takes you fancy, you can also view on a map to see if there is anything close to you.

There are different offers at different venues, but the details are listed for you to see easily. Once you have decided the best option for you then you select the offer and it comes up with the redeem screen, you enter a pin and pass the phone to the member of staff who enters their code, it then gives them the reference for the discount code. Simple!

Since this app was newly launched, the lady who served us at the Tower of London wasn't aware of the app, however after a few discussions with her colleagues, they managed to sort it out, with a venue this big and so many staff we more than understood how it may have not yet filtered down to the front line.

Our second trip of the day, to the thai restaurant chain Busaba, was more successful, they were aware of what they needed to do and it all happened as smoothly as something this new possibly could of. The app allows you to see in your redemption history how much you have saved, although this isn't entirely correct as it is based on the average saving at that venue.

If you are looking to visit London this year, I highly recommend this app, not only might you find somewhere to eat or drink you didn't know about, you could also save yourself some money.

Nb: This is a collaborative review post.

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