25 March 2016

Hot Wheels Split Speeders & Blade Raid Trackset Review

My son has loved playing with cars since he was little and the Hot Wheels cars and collections have always been his favourite. We've had everything, from loop the loops, to the dino spinout track, now however, the Blade Raid Trackset and Split Speeders are fast becoming our new favourite.

The new Split Speeders and Blade Raid set contains a great new track which splits the cars in two and then as the cars come back down, the track merges them together again. Each Split Speeders car has magnets that allow it to be split in two sections, these can either be placed together or mixed ‘n’ matched with other Split Speeders for completely unique cars.  With several cars to choose from there are so many different cars to make.

To setup the track was easy, although I am rubbish at stickers so excuse the lack of them in the pictures, my husband has since put them on as he is the sticker king. The guide is easy to follow and we had it going within about five minutes.

The track can be setup into two different modes, in single car mode it cuts the car in two and then it gets put back together and is sent down the track, in mash up mode you put one car on the track to be split up and the other two halves of a car in the mash up pipes, once the car is split it comes back down and out of the track as two mashed up cars.

Since we opened up the track set my son hasn't been able to stop playing with it, him and my daughter have been playing on it, mashing up the cars and having lots of fun, I think it's a great little set for any fun loving car lover.

It has miss fired a few times, and either one half of the car flies too high or they don't come back into pipes properly and therefore doesn't get fired down the track. Although the kids don't seem at all bothered by this and just carry on playing.

The Blade Raid Trackset includes one car and is priced at around RRP £24.99, each Split Speeders car is RRP £5.99. 

Hot Wheels currently has a great promotion running, buy 5 Hot Wheels cars and claim a limited edition Gold car!  Plus, share your collection for a chance to win a Mega Garage!  Find out more at

NB: We were sent this set for the purpose of the review, all words and opinions are my own.

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