30 April 2016

Gin Festival Nottingham Review

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Gin Festival Nottingham as their Guest Blogger, they asked me try some gins and report back to them.

I am a complete gin novice, so was a little apprehensive about the afternoon and whether i'd find anything I actually liked, but with the gin book in hand and the lovely gin festival glass we started our gin adventure.

gin festival


28 April 2016

Listening to the Birds

We are lucky enough to have a field behind our house and every day during spring and summer the birds flit through the hedges and fly high in the sky singing their song.

Often we hear the birdsong and are annoyed by it waking us up, but having spent a week outside in the pod at Loveland Farm, it really hit home how loud this was but actually how soothing for the soul it is.

As I woke up an hour before everyone else, I would pop outside, make myself a warm drink and watch the sun come over the hill. I would watch the chickens slowly waking up too, stretching their wings and foraging for their breakfast of bugs and worms.


26 April 2016

Keeping Warm with Mountain Warehouse - Review

Just before we went away glamping, I was chatting with Mountain Warehouse about the chilly evenings and mornings on the farm, so they kindly offered to send me some bits to keep us warm.

We were sent some fabulous merino wool base layers that we could wear both as pyjamas and under our clothing if it was cold in the day.

mountain warehouse


25 April 2016

Loving the Simple Things

We love to go out and explore but sometimes you don't want to leave the house, after a busy week we decided that we needed a day at home, so yesterday we got out into the garden and made the most of the sun when it peeped out from behind the clouds. You don't need a massive garden to enjoy being outdoors, a blanket on the grass, a disposable bbq, some chocolate digestives, marshmallows and a few cups of hot chocolate were enough for us to enjoy being outside.

These s'mores are super easy to make, all you need are a few chocolate digestives and some marshmallows, pop them on the bbq for several minutes each side and you have yourself some gooey yumminess. Perfect with a mug of hot chocolate and maybe a few more marshmallows.


24 April 2016

Loveland Farm Glamping - A Week Away from it All

Our week at Loveland Farm was by far one of the best holidays I have ever had, the peace and tranquility was second to none and getting back to nature was just what we all needed.

No electrical appliances to distract us in the day and only the projector to watch a film on in the evening, whilst snuggled under the blankets together. It was a beautiful holiday and I cannot fault any of it, there wasn't one thing I would have changed. When we arrived at the dome on the Monday evening after a rainy drive down, it was sunny and the blue sky made for a beautiful arrival. The pod was filled with a wonderful warm air and we sat down to cheese and cold meats on the table outside with a glass of wine for the adults, listening to the chickens clucking it was bliss.

loveland farm


20 April 2016

The Big Sheep - A Fun Wooly Day Out

We first visited The Big Sheep when my son was about two years old, it was a great day out for us all and so when we went back down to Devon last week, The Big Sheep was high on our list of places to visit.  With their new roller coaster, The Big One now open, the children were excited at the prospect of not only seeing some animals but getting to go on some rides too.

First we headed to the barn, where several sheep had just given birth to some very tiny and helpless looking lambs, eyes still closed and still covered in blood, it was amazing to see these mama sheep just have a baby and then carry on looking for food, such a wonderful sight and a sign that spring is well and truly here.


14 April 2016

Glamping at Loveland Farm

I used to go camping a lot when I was younger and have fond memories of the sounds, the fun and laughter of being outside but inside and the snuggling up because it was really cold. So when we were looking for somewhere for a break to get away from it all, it was fate that I spotted Loveland Farm over on Instagram.

loveland farm


10 April 2016

Exploring More of Newstead Abbey

Last weekend we visited one of our favourite places in Nottinghamshire, Newstead Abbey. We have been so many times now and each time, we usually walk around the same bits. This time though, we spotted the old cannon fort on the other side of the lake and decided to take the muddy walk over to see the abbey from a different perspective, as well as seeing this wonderful old piece of history.


9 April 2016

Stagecoach Drama Classes One Term On

My son has been attending the Stagecoach Drama School in Southwell for the past term, he has had a fabulous time and his teachers have had nothing but praise for his outgoing personality, eccentric voices and acting. So much so, that they gave him a special part in the end of term play.

The end of term play this time was their version of The Lion King, it's a well loved film and something most people know, all of the children had made or helped to make their own colourful masks and it was an absolutely amazing play that showed how much time and effort the children and teachers had put in over the 11 week term.

My son has really enjoyed his term at Stagecoach and he has developed some wonderful acting skills, as well as finding a love of dancing.  Stagecoach has definitely built some confidence in my son, to go on stage in front of a room full of people, standing out there with just two other actors is pretty good going.

Here is what Stagecoach have to say about the benefits of their classes, I wholeheartedly agree with what they say here and it has certainly has been the case with my son.

"Acting is a wonderful outlet for our emotions.  Whether it’s laughing together or acting out a tense and dramatic scene, Stagecoach drama classes are a great way to express your feelings.

Dance has always been a part of our culture as a great way to have fun and celebrate, but you may be surprised to learn just how important dancing is in shaping the bodies and minds of children and young adults.

Singing is a powerful tool!  There is evidence that participation in group singing can significantly improve your physical and mental health."

With a term costing a little over £300 I was worried about how much my son would get out of it for the cost, however, it has been great for him. So if you have a child that maybe needs a little more confidence, that little extra push with their abilities then these classes may very well be for them.

NB: We were given a term at Stagecoach in return for our view on the classes. All opinions and photos are my own 

4 April 2016

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll Review

We've been super lucky to review some of the fabulous Barbie range and with each new doll they give my daughter something more magical to help feed her imagination through role play.

The Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll encapsulates everything my daughter loves in life, a Barbie, some lights and a rainbow. Best of all, this one reacts to being in the water. With a pink streak in her hair and a tiara making her look every bit the mermaid princess.