4 June 2016

An Evening Stroll

We had to move out of our house for a few days this week whilst the builders relaid our downstairs floor. So, in search of some peace and quiet, we headed to a little Airbnb property in Fiskerton, just outside of Southwell.

I love this area of Nottinghamshire, Southwell itself is a wonderful town with plenty of cafes, shops, the minster and of course the Bramley apple, with a fabulous heritage walk that takes you close to the original Bramley tree.

Our little home for the week was in a small village, with a great little pub and plenty of walks close by. We headed out after dinner in search of the last few rays of the sunshine which had proved so illusive all day.

Marching down the lane, the children headed towards the fields, over the fields and across the train tracks, we later got talking to the signal box operator and he told us this one will be closing in October, which is rather sad.

Through the long grass we headed, picking up some dandelion clocks on the way, a favourite pastime of the children and it never gets old. As the children and their Daddy ran through the grass it made me think about how much we need to get outside more, especially since we'd spent last weekend packing up the house ready for the builders.

With the sun shining down on us, walking down country lanes past white painted houses, it felt a bit like we were in France. We'd taken some bubbles, so we stopped in the lane and blew them, the children chasing them all too excitedly as they floated down the road.

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Do you like to go out for an evening stroll? With summer on the way it will certainly make it easier.


  1. Evening is my favourite time of the day for a walk. We just set off at 6pm tonight for a dog walk and the weather was gorgeous x

  2. Oh moving in to a Air BMB is a great idea with your house needing work done. We love evening walks here. It is often the best time of the day and the only time when we can ALL walk together.

  3. I love walking in the evenings - and we're all about blowing dandelions at the moment too. I'm glad you got away from the building work - our neighbour is going through the same and she's on the edge of sanity!

  4. Gorgeous photos.n I keep meaning to drag everyone one for evening stroll but we rarely manage it - it probably only happens when we go away somewhere. It is a great way to end the day though x

  5. Evening walks, especially in the summer sunshine is something we enjoy doing. What a great idea of staying in an Airbnb property during renovation works!

  6. Evening walks in the summer are so special aren't they? Must find the chance to do one or two this year.

  7. Stunning photographs. We haven't done nearly as much walking as we did last year. Need to get back in the habit!

  8. Funnily enough I've just got back in from our evening walk - we love walking the dog on a night x x

  9. Gorgeous photo's. I have to admit we rarely go for an evening stroll as the kids are in bed by 7 - may have to do it in the summer holidays

  10. What a gorgeous walk and such gorgeous photos!

    It's so hot at the moment that we now do the main dog walk in the evening and it's lovely to be able to all do it together as a family.

  11. Lovely photos, and it sounds like an idyllic way to spend a hazy evening. I haven't been to this part of Nottinghamshire before so will definitely have to look it up!


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