21 August 2016

Our Trip to Naturescape Wildflower Farm

With the sun shining and the summer holidays still in full swing I decided it would be the perfect time to take the children to Naturescape, a wildflower farm over in Langar, Nottinghamshire .

It had been on my 'places to visit' list for some time and it just seemed like the perfect day to take a picnic and spend some time with the children and no distractions.

The place itself is easy to find if a little odd driving through an industrial estate, however, once there you are welcomed by a wooded car park which leads out into the wildflower fields and meadows.

We first headed to the small and slightly weathered park, but that is only my opinion and for the children they couldn't care less how weathered things are, they played happily on the slide, swings and small ride on toys.

After this we headed back to the car to get our picnic and find somewhere to sit, we found the dragonfly pond and decided that this would be a good place to eat our lunches.

Afterwards we headed to the shop and cafe, there are an array of seeds from all of the wildflowers that you can purchase. My aim is to get some of the garden ready for this next year, it would be lovely to attract more butterflies and bees into the garden.

We sat and ate an ice-cream before heading back out for a look around the different meadows, we saw so many butterflies of all different colours and sizes, it was a treat, especially for my daughter who loves them.

We stopped in a meadow and watched the wildlife as it went about it's day, we blew blades of grass to make them whistle, not an easy task for the tiny fingers of a five and eight year old, but practice makes perfect, so we shall keep at it.

With so many different and wonderful flowers it was hard for my daughter not to pick them all, she did manage to pick one, it was her favourite colour so obviously caught her eye just a little too much.

Although a lot of the flowers were now drying out we still had a fabulous time and we will most definitely be back.

The meadows are also next to Langar airfield which meant we got to watch dozens of sky divers floating down from the sky, equally as fun, although on a sunny day we had to be careful not to blind ourselves.

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