13 August 2016

The Walled Garden at Clumber Park

A few weekends ago we went camping at Clumber Park, it is a great place to escape to and not far from where we live.  Included in the camping fee is entry in to the walled garden, we have been in there once before and it is a beautiful place to explore, full of colours which change through the seasons.

This visit did not disappoint, with Dahlias as big as your head, lots of fruit, veg and plenty of insects and wildlife to see too, it was a colourful delight

The greenhouses are the first stop, they tell the history of the gardens and how they were used, from back in the 1800s, up to the present day, it is an interesting look back into how some things have changed but it also shows that really a lot remains the same.

One of my favourite spots is the potting shed, with rows and rows of pots, I loved to imagine how many hands they have passed through, how many seedlings they have grown and how many of the plants there today they have been home to.

There is currently a trail about fruit and vegetables from around the world and where they originate from, it was interesting to see where things came form and sometimes places you don't really think of. The kids always love a quiz and it got them running round like Challenge Anneka, trying to find all of the blow up globes with the answers on, dotted around the gardens.

With so many other plants and flowers to spot and try and guess what they were it was a lovely way to spend an hour.

If you are visiting Clumber any time, then I can highly recommend stopping by for a look round, the walled garden is a wonderful place to sit and reflect.

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  1. Oh it looks beautiful. Gorgeous photos as always from you Ellie! I love Dahlia's. When I'm older I'm going to spend my time growing prize winners!!


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