29 September 2016

Kids Style Challenge with Bonprix

With golden leaves falling down from the trees and conkers ready to pick, it would seem that we are in autumn. As sad as I am and as much as I will miss summer, it does mean cosy jumpers, sumptuous fabrics and beautiful autumnal colours.

So, when Bonprix challenged me to come up with some outfits from their children's range for my son and daughter, I knew I would take my inspiration from the season.

With plenty of bright colours, styles and matching sets it was easy to pick out what for me were the perfect autumn outfits for my children.


16 September 2016

Hazy Summer Sun - An Evening Amongst the Gold

As the evenings get darker and the mornings cooler, I am holding on to the moments of sunshine we've had this summer. Just before the wheat in the field behind us was harvested, we managed to go and spend an evening investigating its golden beauty and the tiny sheaves almost ready to carry on their journey.

It has been magical to watch the wheat grow, from nothing but tiny shoots, to a field of gold, the children and I have loved watching the tractors as they drive up and down the fields.

We were a little miffed to have missed the combine harvesters and the actual harvesting itself, however, we were there to watch as the tractors swept up the leftovers and bundled them into perfectly rectangular parcels.

Late into the night they worked, picking up and building a huge hay castle, it was truly magical and should they go ahead and build on the land, we will miss watching the earth change through the seasons. But for now we will enjoy whatever grows there, last year was a beautiful field of oilseed, it’s bright yellow flowers swishing in the wind and turning into tiny rattling pods.


11 September 2016

Marvel Universe Live

This week saw the opening of the Marvel Universe Live here in Nottingham, we were invited along to see what was sure to be a spectacular event, including some of my children's favourite super heroes and super villains.

We were first invited to meet a few of the stars in the VIP lounge, they taught the children a few moves and chatted to them about the show. The children also got to have a go at lifting Thor's hammer, it turns out it's not so heavy after all, with my 5 and 8 year old managing it no problem.


8 September 2016

A Thoroughly British Holiday

There were a lot of changes here in The Mummy Diary house during the summer holidays, with life so busy it meant I hadn't managed to plan any time away for us.

I knew I wanted to take the children to the coast though, so I decided to take them back to one of my old childhood haunts, Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire Coast.

It was busier than I had expected, with the streets, arcades and shops bustling with people. The beach was packed and it was hard to find a space that wasn't occupied. Although this would normally have bothered me, it made my heart swell, that so many people had come back to a place I once loved and that for some years had lost its appeal to many.

We spent a good few hours playing in the arcades, eating ice cream and playing on the beach. However, before long it was time to head back to our chalet to clean ourselves up, so that we could head out to the local fish and chip shop for some traditional seaside food.


4 September 2016

Fun with Baby Annabell

Last Saturday, we were invited to meet the new autumn/winter range of Baby Annabell dolls at our local Smyths Toy Store. When we arrived the party was in full swing, with face painting, story time and much more. My daughter was most excited about getting to meet the new Baby Annabell dolls and toys, however first she had her face painted.

With some yummy cakes to celebrate and lots of crafts from The Creation Station, it was a great way to spend some time on a Saturday morning.


2 September 2016

Back to School Shoes with Toughees - Review

Mention new school shoes and every parent groans, in fact nothing makes a parents heart sink like the thought of shopping for children's shoes, let alone school ones.

This time of year means queues for days just to get fitted and then if they have them in their size you're one of the lucky ones, ok, so it isn't always that bad but it can be.

So this year when I was approached by Toughees to try out their range of school shoes, it meant that not only would I not have to venture out to the shops, but I also had high hopes that in a months time I wouldn't be looking at my daughters shoes, with such disappointment that they hadn't even lasted a term.