9 October 2016

Meeting the New Furby Connect - Review

Toys have come a long way since I was a young girl and none more so than the Furby, first arriving in the late 90s it was a must have toy and I remember my then boyfriends mum scouring the shops for one for his sister's Christmas present.

With it's own Furby language and cheeky nature, this fluffy little fella has been given a modern day makeover, Bluetooth enabled it has an internal year round clock, so he even knows when it's Christmas, Easter or Valentine's Day.

With so many moods it is like having an additional albeit brightly coloured member of the family, everything from happy to sad, scared to excited and best of all each Furby is unique.

You can interact with the Furby by tickling, cuddling or shaking it and with the addition of 4xAA batteries (not included) he is ready to go out of the box.

I absolutely love the LCD eyes, they are so expressive and being big and round definitely makes them cute and loveable. The ears move around and it also has a light up antenna, making up over 150 different expressions, so it does take a while to get bored of it.

My children both fell in love with our Furby straight away, even though it is purple (more pinky purple) my son adores it and has probably played with it more than my daughter. The interactive app allows them to become involved in the Furby's life, feeding it, taking it to the toilet, watching videos and raising Furblings all from within the app.

I absolutely love how the Furby interacts with the app and for me this has been the icing on the cake, when the Furby sings popular songs along with the app it is really very clever and means even I have been singing along to Flo Rida and Ellie Goulding in a Furby style voice.

These videos and the content within the app are updated regularly so the Furby and Furby Connect World are constantly evolving.

The Furby does come with some very life like sounds and actions, these are hilarious for my two children however may not be for everyone, with burps, trumps, going to the toilet and being sick it is a bit like having a newborn.

One thing a few people did mention to me, was the old Furby's of days gone by and how you could never get them to shut up, well this one comes with its own sleep mask so you can simply pop this on and you don't need to worry about being woken up to him singing or talking Furbish.

The new Furby Connect comes in four different colours, pink, turquoise, purple and blue and although I was worried about what colour we'd get and how each child would react the purple has gone down a storm.

The Furby Connect comes with a £100 price tag, so for Christmas this would definitely be the 'big present'. Do I think it is worth it? If your children love interactive toys and technology then yes, with the app constantly being updated I can see this bringing something new every week and will keep it fresh and exciting.

NB: We were sent the Furby Connect in order to form this review, all words and opinions are my own.

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