5 June 2017

Ferry Farm Park at Hoveringham - A Fab Day Out

Farm parks seem to entertain all of the family, no matter what age. They can get a bit expensive though, so it is nice that Ferry Farm Park at Hoveringham offers the farm experience at a more reasonable price.

At just £6.95 each it is half the price of one of the other farm parks in the area, it has all of the animals you could wish of a farm park, animal feeding and petting as well as plenty of space to run around and explore.

With lots of outdoor and indoor play equipment, a sand pit and ride on tractors it is the perfect place to take a picnic and spend the day, it also has a wonderful restaurant offering home cooked food and cakes, which were delicious.

Since it was half term and mine and my daughters besties from Mummy Plus Three were heading there, we decided to join them, and I am so glad we did. It was a really lovely way to spend a sunny half term day.

We picked up some food and set about feeding the animals in the barn, my daughter has so much confidence when it comes to feeding them and loved the goats snuffling at her hands for food.


All three children could have spent all day driving round the tractor course or playing on the adventure playground, with the sun shining why not.

There is plenty of space to let off steam and enjoy the countryside and with it being close the to the River Trent you can always take a wander down there too.

My daughter and her friend really loved feeding the ponies and donkeys and chatting to them, it was really lovely to see the kids at one with nature, beats being indoors watching telly and is much better than any fidget spinner.

If you are local and after something to do in the summer holidays then why not pay a visit to Ferry Farm, some areas could do with a lick of paint but it is still well worth it, plus with Gonalston Farm Shop just down the road you can pick up some local produce on the way home.


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