15 August 2019

A Day Out Aboard the SS Great Britain

On our way from Weston we stopped in Bristol for the night, I had been there with a friend a few months back and it really seemed like the perfect place to take the kids.

With plenty of museums, eateries and lots to see and do it is a really vibrant city, which I feel we didn’t even touch the surface of.

We got up early on Saturday morning and headed to the SS Great Britain. We had seen this stunning ship on our way down into Bristol, with a view of Clifton Suspension Bridge too, we were most excited to learn about this magnificent feat of engineering.

The walk down the docks is really wonderful and you get a sense of the history of the place from the sheds, cranes, boats and trains that are still visible.

On arriving at the SS Great Britain we were greeted by a gentleman dressed in the clothing of the time the SS Great Britain was built, the tall hat that was so typically Brunel.