Sunday, 27 July 2014

Papu Stories Bow Beanie Dress from The Dandy Kid Review

I was recently approached by the lovely Sarah at The Dandy Kid asking if my daughter would like to review one of their dresses. My daughter loves dresses and with the collection at The Dandy Kid being so fabulous, of course I said yes.

We were sent this beautiful, soft and timeless dress by Papu Stories. I absolutely adore black clothing on a child, my daughter has really blonde hair so I thought this would look stunning on her, teamed with some Sun Jellies of course.

My usually pink loving daughter loved this dress, the bow detailing is so different and I love that the dress has a little bit of stretch in it which is perfect for when she is running and dancing around.

It is safe to say my daughter loves this dress and with it being 95% GOTS certified organic cotton I know it is going to be soft against her skin as well as being great quality. As a rule these days I tend to buy fewer higher priced pieces that I know will last, this dress is £28 which I think is great value.

I can't find any fault with it, well maybe doesn't come in my size!

Thank you Sarah at The Dandy Kid for sending us this to review, it is going to make for some even more awesome pictures on our holiday!

Black & White Photography Project Week 3

We visited our local park this week and there is a tropical house (I know a tropical house when it's nearly 30c we are mad). But it was actually quite cool as the doors were open and we got to see some lovely plants.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dancing Fit

Before children we used to go clubbing a lot, I think a mixture of eating healthier, super quick metabolism and dancing in clubs kept me fit.

Although I don't go clubbing anymore I do still enjoy dancing and can be often found in the kitchen bopping whilst cleaning.

Music to me is a way of setting yourself free and if I can get the children to join me then I do, who said fitness had to be all gym.

Plus music can be a great way to de-stress and for me always brings back memories and feelings from moments in my life. For example Chemical Brothers reminds me of being at Glastonbury and a fab weekend at a Radio One Big Weekend, I remember seeing myself on the big screens dancing! It was amazing.

My daughter loves to dance and can often be found twirling round the lounge with me,  I hope to get her in to dance classes later this year and I hope she can find a love for it.

Exercise doesn't always have to be about the gym, sometimes you can burn calories doing what comes natural, there is a beautiful quote in the film Hanna which has a soundtrack by Chemical Brothers funnily enough, it says "Music; a combination of sounds with a view to beauty of form and expression of emotion" I think this is the perfect way to describe it and why I love to dance so much.

Me clubbing about 7 years ago
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Monday, 21 July 2014

Dinosaur Messy Play in the Garden

My daughter loves getting messy in the garden so last week when it was just too nice to be inside I got out the Tuff Spot and filled it with mud, sand, shells, leaves and dinosaurs and she got to get messy and play.

She absolutely love doing this and spent at least two hours getting in there with the dinos!

Not sure about getting in but soon getting down with the dinos...

Lots of fun, it didn't stay looking this near and tidy, by the end of it there was just a mass of sandy mud which I think means it was lots of fun.

It is the perfect activity for getting them to explore and learn about different textures.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Park Fun

Yesterday we had a party and with the rain we didn't really get chance to get outside much, so we decided to head to the park this morning.

It was really warm and we didn't have to go far to feel like we were somewhere tropical, I have posted about the tropical house at our local park before but today we all got to visit and my son and husband had a run and my and my daughter did some scooting.

This park was the one my son had his accident at a few months back and it's the first time i've been back, was quite emotional!

The flowers and plants are simply gorgeous in the house...

We liked looking at the different leaves and these fig ones looked like dinosaur footprints...

Smelling the pretty flowers and looking at the bananas...

The gorgeous tropical plants and fruit looked beautiful covered in water droplets...

More looking at the tropical flowers and the koi carp in the pond...

It was a wonderful few hours spent looking round here and then walking to the park to play and just what we needed to blow away the cobwebs, although it was very warm!

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