Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Diary Doll Pants - Pants with Hidden Protection

Periods! There I said it, i've suffered with heavy periods since I was 13. Nature wasn't kind to me, every month I cried out in pain, all scrunched up on the nurses bed or at home. My mum used to send me to school after a good dose of something called Indian Brandy, I now know it is actually for digestive problems not period pains, however I suffered it because what else could I do.

For me periods were heavy and that often meant stopping or changing my every day activities just because of it, there is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find blood on your sheets, nothing worse than not being able to wear certain things around time of the month! It wasn't great, but life doesn't stop for periods, woman are meant to carry on regardless.

But why am I telling you all of this? Well I still have periods, they are still heavy and I have even more responsibility with two children to run around after. So when Carol Smillie did a talk at BritMums Live about her new venture Diary Doll I was intrigued and excited about the product, something I had needed for so long had been invented.

Diary Doll pants are waterproof pants, they look like a normal pair of pretty pants but concealed inside is a waterproof layer, perfect for catching those leaks which had so often blighted my life growing up. Now I know what you're thinking, they are going to be like wearing a shell suit in your undies, but that was not the case, they didn't make me sweat and they didn't feel crinkly.

Diary Doll pants come in a great little fabric bag, perfect to keep in your gym bag or handbag and it means no one will ever know what you are carrying, great for younger girls who might be more embarrassed by something like this.

These are designed to work with your normal sanitary protection for those moments where you need a bit more protection and for me they did just that, i'm grateful that these are now available and that my daughter won't have to face the same embarrassments that I did.

Normal service will now resume and I will continue to talk about craft, days out and clothes but remember, we all have mothers, sisters, daughters and wives who go through this and it isn't something to hide, it is part of life, in fact it is life, without it we wouldn't exist!

Diary Doll are available from John Lewis, Debenhams and Diary Doll online for the price of £14.95, to be fair I have paid this much for a pair of pants before and these are pretty and will hopefully last a long time.

NB: I was sent the Diary Doll pants to form this review, all words and opinions are my own.

Monday, 27 July 2015

A Visit to CONKERS! in the National Forest

We have seen the signs on the A42 for CONKERS! many times but never really thought to head over there with  the children, as we normally head to the north of Nottingham. So, when we were invited to spend the day there I was really interested to see what it had up it's sleeve.

The day was planned out with a few tasks to get us exploring the site, we started with some orienteering, this not only tested out map reading skills to find the letters around the park, but there were also clues that got us using our heads to work out a password that would get us some extra treats later.

We figured out the word, which was amphibian, and headed to the meeting point in the Bush Craft area, a wonderful wooded location where we were asked to make our own den/shelter and fire. My two are seven and four and both relished this task, with each of them helping both mum and dad to find wood for the fire and sticks for the shelter.

We were shown how to build a fire and then set about lighting it with flint, steel and some nice dry cotton wool, my son was really good at it and Daddy was alright but Mummy excelled at the task, certainly makes me wonder whether it was cave man or woman that had this sorted?!?

Once we had the fire going (with a little help from the lovely Becky at Baby Budgeting and her family, thanks for sharing your fire guys) we were on our way to marshmallow toasting heaven. We all love toasted marshmallows and it is a really great experience to share with the children, really getting back to the basics.

Once we had finished toasting our marshmallows and had basked in the almost success of den building we headed to the Barefoot Walk, we saw one of these at a farm we visited in France a few years ago but never got to do it as the children were too young. Both said they'd give this a go and, although it was cold when walking through the water sections and slippery on the mud parts, we all really enjoyed it.

After lunch we had free reign over what we did next so we headed to the sensory trail to see what we could see, smell and feel. This was something we had done previously elsewhere and I have to say this one wasn't as good, some of the contents of the boxes were worn and the plants for smell etc long dead and it certainly wasn't as good as it could of been, none the less the children didn't notice and enjoyed running round the woods.

Afterwards we explored the labyrinth and went over to see the low and high ropes, a new installation for July which looked awesome. We didn't have time to book on to one of these otherwise I think my son and husband would have liked to gone on them. This is an extra charge but I don't think it's too overpriced for what is a very unique experience, even without this, there are plenty of trails and assault courses (for teenagers and adults only) to keep you busy which don't cost anything extra.

There were so many of the other areas that we didn't get to visit around the site, we could have spent all day just exploring the woodland and countryside as there was so much. There is a huge playground over at the Waterside Centre which is accessible by the conkachoo train and more woodland to explore but that will have to wait until another time.

Before we left, we did pop into the Discovery Centre, sadly a few of the interactive exhibits were broken and in need of repair, the toilets were covered in toilet paper as the dispensers were empty and new rolls just left on the side. This was a slightly disappointing end to the day and there seemed to be very few staff about at this point, the staff members we did come into contact with though were helpful and polite.

Overall we did have a great time and I think we would go back again, there were so many butterflies, insects, flowers and trees, if you like exploring the outdoors then this is certainly a great place to go. As the children get older and can go on more too, I think it will be the perfect place to take them for a run about.

NB: We were given free entry for the day to the park to form this review, all opinions are my own.

Magic Moments 27/07/15

Jaime is on holiday this week so I get to look after the brilliant Magic Moments linkup, whilst she is more than likely enjoying some lovely sunshine we are enjoying a good dose of traditional British summer weather, rain!

I can't believe we are nearly in August, how time flies when you are having fun, my son has broken up from school and my daughter has her first pair of school shoes ready for September, it's all getting a bit serious.

I do love to read your Magic Moments, it always makes me smile and often gives me some great ideas, so without further ado lets get started!
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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Black & White Photography Project Week 55

Love this one from our trip to CONKERS yesterday, we don't get out and about enough like this, we all loved making a camp fire and toasting marshmallows.

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

Thursday, 23 July 2015

French Flash Sticks Review

My son has been learning French at school and as we are due to go on our annual holiday to France next month, it seemed a great opportunity to try out some Flash Sticks, these are sticky notes, like Post-it Notes with French words on them.

Below the words it has the pronunciation of the French word, as well as the word in English and a picture of the word for younger readers.

The stickers come on a card which also has the words on the back, we made it a fun game to go round the house and stick the stickers everywhere whilst going through the words.

For the verbs and others words that didn't have a home, we put them on the fridge or window, so things like world we put on the window to the garden.

Both of the children can already count up to ten in french but it is good to have the numbers there as a reminder to practice.

There is also a really handy app, great for the kids to use, all they need to do is open the app, scan the post-its and a video of the word being spoken is then played, so they can hear how it is supposed to sound. It is also handy for myself and my husband who often get it wrong.

Overall we have found these really useful so far, we are always trying to teach our children about everyday objects, things we find at the supermarket or animals and things around us when we are out and these are a great addition to the home to allow us to keep the momentum up. I certainly don't think it will be long before we are on to the next set.

The sets are £4.99 each and are available in Spanish, Italian, German and BSL too.

NB: We were sent the Flash Sticks to review, all opinions are mine.