Discovering North Brittany and Beyond

We have holidayed in France many times over the years, visiting lots of different regions. Some of the most memorable times have been spent in or around North Brittany. Famous for the Breton stripe, cider and home to the less well known Breizh cola. Brittany is a region steeped in history, with many beautiful cities and monuments. As we loved it so much, I decided to put together a few of our favourite places to visit, to help out, should you be heading there this year.

For a taste of city life, the coastal city of St Malo is a must see, it is a walled city with beautiful cobbled streets, independent shops alongside plenty of cafes and restaurants.

With two young children in tow, it isn't always easy to find somewhere to eat but we have never had a problem in France, children are always well catered for, children's menu or not. We didn't get to spend as much time as we'd liked in St Malo, but we did get to see the cathedral and if you do have time or are close by, then there is an Aquarium, another great rainy day activity. 

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Celebrations and Making Memories

With busy lives and children seemingly growing up quicker these days, I try and make the most of birthdays and celebrations. We often celebrate international holidays such as Chinese New Year and Mexican Cinco de Mayo to name a few, but more important than this, I love to make sure birthdays are super special.

Not just for the children either, my husband loves a bit of a celebration so I include him in this too, making sure to decorate the house so when everyone comes down in the morning they see banners and balloons and making special cakes like this Maltesers cake I made my husband last year.

malteser cake

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Pony Rides and Friendships

A few months ago my daughter was invited to go horse riding with her best friend, it was a rainy and muddy day but that didn't put them off. My daughter was all covered up in her Helly gear, which is perfect for such occasions as this.

The first task when we got to the stables was to find a suitable helmet, it took a while as my daughter has a rather tiny head but eventually we found one befitting of her petit size and off we went to find her a horse. A rather beautiful specimen named Smudge, a very proud little lady took him down to the training paddock.

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Crabbing in Appledore

Living in Nottingham means we are very rarely able to visit the coast, it's at least a two hour drive in every direction. So when we are at the coast, we like to make the most of our time there, our recent adventure in Devon took us to the beautiful village of Appledore where we did some crabbing.

This isn't an expensive activity and gave us about three hours of fun for less than a tenner. We ate lunch of fish and chips shared between us, sat on the harbour walls waiting for a crab to bite. It was the perfect way to get outside and all enjoy an activity which connected us back with nature.

If you have never been to Appledore, then I can highly recommend this wonderful little town, with it's beautiful harbour front, cafes and antique shops and plenty of small alleyways leading to wonderful little houses and seaside craft shops it is well worth a trip.

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Beautiful Nature

Sometimes I look at what we have become as humans, destroying life, land and our seas. It can be hard to see past it all, but then, in a single moment of utter beauty, I am reminded of what nature has created and still creates now.

With each season comes a different flower, we have just had daffodils, tulips and blossom and then, the beautiful peonies have started to unfurl their spectacular petals.

I bought a couple of reduced bunches from Marks & Spencer on Sunday and wasn't expecting much. But, when we got home with these unloved beauties and put them into some water, they exploded like sprinters, racing to see who could open the fastest.

One of them beat the others hands down and there were many oohs and aahhs, it was like a peacock shaking out its tail feathers, truly beautiful. So, I did what anyone who likes to take pictures would do and got my camera out.

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