24 May 2012

Why We Love Deadly 60

Very rarely do we find a TV program that everyone in the family loves but with the Deadly 60 it is different.

My son adores Steve Backshall, he is engaging, kind, funny and makes animals super interesting. The music they play over it is modern and appealing to me and my husband with music from the likes of The Prodigy.

Not many adults let alone a four year old know what an aye-aye is, but my son does and he even knows how it finds its food! He knows about animals and their prey and can identify a whole array of animals and loves talking about them to anyone that will listen.

I don't really like the children watching telly but sometimes needs must and I love that this is educational as well as keeping them occupied, whilst I make dinner or have a shower.

The show is a modern and entertaining look at the animal kingdom which also highlights the issues that these animals face in a modern world.

So thank you BBC for putting together such a great program, we love the Deadly 60!


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