7 July 2012

End of the Road

This week has been emotional, I breastfed my daughter for the last time.

After many long days debating the pros and cons of stopping, it was clear what I had to do.

I feel very sad, almost heartbroken about stopping but my body has had enough and needs to be on the pill.

Each month my periods get worse and I know deep down my endometriosis is coming back.

The familiar pains with some added symptoms, my acne has been a sticking point too. Getting to the point I can't face seeing people.

And finally my PMT, if my family can have a slightly saner me then I think that stopping and going on the pill is the way forward.

To my precious daughter, we had 17 months of breastfeeding bliss. I have loved looking into your beautiful eyes whilst you lay against me. But being a happy, healthy mummy is probably what you need more than one feed before bedtime.

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  1. I remember the last time i breast fed my daughter, I was so upset i cried and felt guilty! But it was all fine! I think its a feeling that i was letting her down (i only did it for 4 months)! But she was fine and after a few days everything was ok! At the end of the day we just need to do whats right for us! Well done for going so long :-) xx


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