29 March 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...Maybe?

I have never had a great relationship with my hair, it's frizzy and does what it wants most of the time. One side will be nicely curled under the other swishing outwards like I was caught in a strong gust of wind.

So when yet another friend of the family died from cancer I wondered if cutting my hair off would not only set me free of my hair burden but also give me the perfect opportunity to raise money for Cancer Research and Macmillan Nurses.

If it was a really close family member that was ill with this most hideous of diseases I don't think I would think twice about it but they are friends, some we know well some we have 'known' for years but not seen in a while.

So would I look silly? Cutting my hair off for a cause that hasn't actually affected my life directly?

I have run the race for life a few times and whilst I enjoyed I wanted to do something different that could maybe raise a lot of money, whilst doing something I kinda want to do.

So would you do it? Am I being silly? I am not the most confident of people but this is about research too, to protect the ones I love from anything the future could hold!

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  1. Oooo! Well you know what I am likey to think - go for it! (but do be sure that you won't be too upset if you really don't like it)

    I'm still getting used to mine being short, I'm not majorly in love with it short but it's so much easier to manage and when I do catch myself having a vain moment I just remind myself why I have it all cut off and that soon makes me happy :D

    Obviously it's a brilliant cause and a bold statement by you of support - and I love it x


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