23 June 2013

Sherwood Art Week

Yesterday we popped into our local town for the annual art week.

There was a craft fair on with some lovely local artists including Modflower who's gorgeous array of jewellery really stood out.

After a quick dance and drink we headed into Sherwood itself which had been yarn bombed.

Pretty much everything that could be decorated had been and I only wish it could stay like that, it really brightened up wome of the dullest parts of the town.

Gorgeous knitted flowers and cobwebs

Even the trees got wrapped up

Columns at an old bank being made to look pretty with mosaics

Loved these flowers on the railings
Evem the bus shelter got a make over

Looking comfy
Lots of local shops took part, displaying local artists

Gorgeous flowers

I love that knitting is coming back into fashion

Ugly bike stands made to look pretty

My sons school decorated this tree

Really love how it brightened things up even on a dull June day.

18 June 2013

Overnight Oats

Over on Instagram overnight oats are all over the place and it isn't hard to see why, they are full of fibre and keep you fuller for longer.

I have been adding lots of seeds and nuts for essential fatty acids including Omega 3, including chia seed and then a mix seed sprinkle which has pumpkin, sunflower, linseed and sesame seeds as well as some almonds.

To that I have been adding some cacao and honey and mixing with almond milk, then in the morning adding some raspberries.

I have been using oat bran, this stuff is really finely milled but you could use just your standard porridge oats or rolled oats.

Oatbran, really high in fibre

Add in the mixed seeds

Chia seed and almonds

Add in the almond milk and honey and stir
Leave in the fridge overnight and voila...

Serve in the morning with a few extra seeds or fruit

You can add in what you like, if you fancy dried fruit add this in, banana, strawberries anything goes really.

I really like these cold oats, I do sometimes microwave for about 20 seconds to take the edge of the coldness or take out a short while before I want to eat them. But it is entirely up to you, they are really tasty and I have even got my husband hooked now.

11 June 2013

Cooking with Mother - Ladybird Tuesday

I saw this fabulous link up over on Being Mrs Cs blog last week and decided I would link up today with a recent purchase of a fabulous ladybird book.

Cooking with Mother is a wonderful book which goes through step by step how to make several simple  dishes, with instructions for what is in the kitchen to ingredients and how to make the dish.

I really think we should bring books like this back to give out in schools, not to just borrow but to keep.

With childhood obesity on the rise and so many children not even knowing what or where a carrot comes from I think books like this need to come back into fashion!

Who doesn't love a cheese and pineapple hedgehog?

I love this idea, if only I could get my son to eat tomatoes in any other form than tomato ketchup.

I love the ladybird series and think they should bring them back...in book form not as an app, reading is becoming such a thing of the past and I often wonder whether children really appreciate books and what they stand for.

I find it much easier to follow a recipe from a book than from a computer screen, but maybe that is just me?

I love finding books like this and reminiscing over the past whilst thinking about how it could help the future ;)

10 June 2013

Munchkin Minnie Toddler Dining Set Review

We were kindly sent a Minnie Mouse Toddler Dining set and flip top drinking cup from Munchkin to review.

I love the set and cup, the pink and green really look good together and they are girly without being overly girly if you know what I mean.

On opening the box my daughter was super excited as she loves Minnie Mouse and we tested the flip top cup straight away, it is easy for her to open and she loves that it has a straw (great for me too as it doesn't spill and cannot be tipped up and spilt).

The click lid means I know it is locked and the flip straw means it is away when not in use, the cup can be popped in my bag and nothing gets spilt and it doesn't get dirty.

The dining set comes with a plate which has compartments, a bowl and a fork and a spoon.

She loves the plate and so do I, the little compartments mean I can put different foods in them just like a little picnic.

The bowl is just the right size for breakfast and pudding and the fork and spoon are great for her little hands.

The rubber strips on the bottom of the plate and bowl stop it from moving about on the table, which helps stops knocks and spills.

Overall I am impressed with the quality of the set and they don't feel like they will break easily like some of the sets we have bought and have so far washed really well.

I think it is fair to say this set was a hit with my daughter and myself, it is always nice for a child to look forward to eating their food and having a plate they want to eat from is one way to ensure this happens.

Available from Munchkin on Amazon

NB. We were sent this set to review, all words and opinions are my own.